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Photo Series
Photo Series

Our photo series is both beautiful and environmentally friendly. We use a process where we print full color onto metal plates using water based inks. You can see both the photograph and also the patina of the metal through the ink. It is then covered with a protective laminate. These metal plates will not fade for decades. The metal plates measure 7 ¾” X 10 ¼” with a coordinating silver or gold ¼” bright metal border. It is then adorned with a solid brass, painted medallion. Our source for medallions also supply the White House with their coins and medallions. Your personalized message will appear in an area approximately 4 ¼” x 4 ½” near the bottom of the plate
Medallion Series
Mounted on an 8" X 10 " solid walnut board, our Medallion Series features an award winning 2.5" die struck and color filled coin. The manufacturer of these coins is also a supplier to many government agencies including the White House. Choose from Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, or Coast Guard. Your personalized message will appear at the bottom on a 4.5" X 5.5" gold color plate, with a bright gold, 1/4" metal border.
Military Kids Series
Kids Series

These plaques make great gifts for parents of military kids. Printed on white metal, your sentiment appears at the bottom. Your choice of 8” X 10” Walnut finish, or Black Wood finish are Standard. We had one of our own kids draw this American flag, but we can use your own art work for an additional charge.
Pewter Series
Pewter Series

This three dimensional award is sure to please its recipient. A combination of pewter finish with gold trim in a high relief emblem measuring 8” X 8.5” adorns the top. This emblem also features a matching nameplate, and a full color 2” insert. Your personalized message is mounted below on a 2 ½” X 8” pewter finish plate. Your choice of 4 wood finish boards is included in the base price.
Copper Series
Our Copper Series features an 8" X 12" solid mahogany board with a 4.5" burnished copper finish emblem. Choose from Army, Navy, Air Force or Marines. Your personalized message will appear at the bottom on a 4.5" X 5.5" coordinating metal plate.
Custom Photo Series
Custom Photo Series

The ultimate personalized plaque! We create this award from your digital (preferred) or actual photograph. Refer to some of our examples for thought starters and ideas on which photos would work best for this type of award. Consider if this award should be vertical, or horizontal. It is best if the photo has one non-descript area to the left, right, or bottom where we can put your personalized message. The metal plates measure 7 ¾” X 10 ¼” with a coordinating silver or gold ¼” bright metal border. This award also features a 1 ½” medallion for the appropriate Military Division.
Your choice of four, 10 ½” X 13” mounting boards are included in the base price. Upgrade to a solid wood or acrylic board for an additional fee.

Consider that photos will be enlarged to 7 ¾” X 10 ¼” size. This requires a high quality photo, or digital image of at least 300 DPI (dots per inch). The higher the quality, the better your award will turn out. We will make every effort to ensure your Custom Photo award meets your expectations. Keep in mind that if photos are of poor quality we may recommend you choose another product from our Military line. We can clean up and/or touch up old photos for an additional fee. We reserve the right to “poetic license”. Meaning; we will manipulate your photo, font size, Military Seal, and personalized message to produce a visually pleasing award.
Toll Free Plaque Line: 800-622-0677
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